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Director: Jennifer Keegan
Producer: Margo Harkin
Production Company: Besom Productions Ltd.
Broadcaster: Broadcast on 19 October 2004 on RTE


A 52’ doc for the True Lives strand on RTÉ1on the subject of marital infidelity in Ireland.


Every year 20 thousand couples get married in Ireland. They pledge to be faithful to each other until the end of their lives – and yet, affairs happen all the time - with little understanding of why. There is some evidence that at least one partner in most marriages in Ireland may have had some form of extra marital, sexual relationship since the wedding. This film airs a subject which is more usually confined to the gossip columns or problems pages of newspapers and magazines.

Unfaithful reveals the most private desires, passions and emotional upheavals of a cross section of people profoundly affected by `affairs’ that either they or their partners have engaged in. Each provides intimate personal accounts of an experience that has changed their lives. Marital counsellor, Doreen Condon, and clinical psychologist, Marie Murray, give their analysis of why people risk everything for a secret, often very brief, passion. Some personal identities and details have been disguised to protect the privacy of the individuals involved.

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