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Seeking Filipino Bride

Director: Gerry Hoban
Producer: Emer Hoare
Executive Producers: Margo Harkin for Besom Productions Ltd. & John O’Kane for BBC Northern Ireland
Broadcaster: Broadcast on 20 February 2003 on BBC Northern Ireland


Northern Ireland men may not be renowned for going to the ends of the earth for love but this BBCNI documentary follows two local ‘Romeos’ who travel half way around the globe to the exotic backdrop of the Philippines in search of a bride. Thirty-eight year old Trevor Gault from Ballymoney and sixty-one year old George Marshall from Portadown travel to the far edge of Asia to find the love of their life after becoming disillusioned with women in Northern Ireland.


Trevor has pinned his hopes on a ten-day trip and some text-messages but finds life-changing decisions and heartbreak are all part of the Filipino experience. He soon discovers that the culture of the Philippines is literally worlds apart from what he’s used to at home. Trevor applies some home-grown wisdom in his search for a bride. “A lot of people would say maybe `She’s spinning you – she’s trailing you along – she’s this, she’s that – she’s poor, she’s wanting this and that’...but there’s no way…I’m not that stupid. I see she is a really good person,” says Trevor.

George is a regular visitor to the Philippines and has been writing to Filipino women for more than a decade. He hopes that something special will develop between him and his pen-pal sweetheart of three years. Viewers may find George’s opinions on marriage and woman shocking. “Lots of Filipino girls would marry an older man – that’s the Western culture you see – they criticise people. They think we’re using these wee girls – but we’re helping each other. I’m helping her and she’s helping me. She’s giving me love and I’m giving her financial help and friendship,” says George.

This is a poignant tale of two men who leave Northern Ireland in the hope that a visit to the Philippines will result in romance. It is a story about the real life experience of people who will go to exceptional lengths to find romance.

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