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At The Cutting Edge

Director/Producer: Lavinia Darby
Executive Producer: Margo Harkin
Production Company: Besom Productions Ltd.
First TX on RTE: 25 September 2001
Broadcasters: RTE


‘At the Cutting Edge’ follows the fascinating story of four people who make the decision to go under the knife for the price of beauty. The demand for cosmetic surgery has grown to such an extent that Ireland has become the new entrepreneurial zone for surgeons all around Europe. Noticing an increase in this customer base, the Italian twins Maurizio and Roberto Viel (who are well known for their penile enlargement procedures) have decided to extend their talent to Irish turf. People are queuing up for procedures, and women aren’t the only customers.


Robert (whose identity is concealed) is fixated about the size of his penis. We follow his story as he returns to London for his 4th penis enlargement: “A couple of people have said it’s the biggest penis they’ve ever seen in their life…I want it bigger, like I want a better job, I want a better flat.”

When Lorna – a graceful woman in her mid-fifties - decides to have her neck lifted, it prompts her to do something even more dramatic. After having a breast removed due to breast cancer, she decides to go for reconstructive surgery…

While Christine is battling against the aging process, her 25 year old daughter Ashling wants new breasts: “My boobs are totally out of proportion, they’re deformed…I just hate them…they literally ruin my life”. Mother and daughter both go under the knife as the surgeon reshapes their fantasies of themselves.
At the Cutting Edge asks what has gone wrong with a society that makes vulnerable groups so desperate about superficial appearances? On the other hand, how many of us, given a chance, would not want to improve a part of ourselves without too much effort? Don’t we deserve it?

Domestic viewing copies available on DVD for £17 (inclusive of VAT) plus postage and packing. For Institutional rates and/or other teaching purposes, please contact Margo at