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Fatal Extraction

Director: Colin McKeown
Producer: Margo Harkin
Co-Producer: Fionnuala Sweeney
Broadcasters: Broadcast on 22 July 1999 on BBC Northern Ireland and 11 August 1999 on RTE


‘Fatal Extraction’ is an 8-minute short drama produced on location in Armagh Gaol in March 1998. The local cast features Stuart Graham, Walter McMonagle and Eleanor Methven.


In Belfast City Gaol, Dunleavy paces his cell like a caged animal. His anger and frustration are driving him dangerously close to the edge. His gaolers can do nothing more with him; he is beyond their control. Someone is going to get hurt. In another part of the city, Mr. Goodwin, a professional man, an expert in his field, dines with his wife. They are content. They have a pleasant evening and retire to bed. It is the middle of the night. Back in the gaol, the prison officer reluctantly decides that the Dunleavy situation has to be dealt with quickly. He needs a professional, an expert in his field.

When Lorna – a graceful woman in her mid-fifties - decides to have her neck lifted, it prompts her to do something even more dramatic. After having a breast removed due to breast cancer, she decides to go for reconstructive surgery…

Fatal Extraction has appeared in over thirty short film festivals worldwide and received a SPECIAL MENTION at Festival Mondial du Cinema de Courts Metrages, Huy, Belgium, 1998. It also reached the long `short list’ for the Best Short Film Bafta awards 1998. The film was recently re-transmitted on BBC network Northern Lights strand in April 2004.

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