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Looking For Lundy

Director/Producer: Margo Harkin
Production: Besom Productions Ltd.
Broadcaster: Broadcast on 20 November 2000 on BBC Northern Ireland


A personal journey by Unionist Roy Garland into the myth of the traitor Lundy at the Siege of Derry and his relevance to contemporary politics in Northern Ireland.


Colonel Robert Lundy has become infamous as the archetypal traitor who betrayed the cause of the besieged Protestants in the walled city of Derry in 1688/89. Each December his effigy is ritually burned both in memory of the victorious outcome of the battle between Protestant William and Catholic James but also as a warning to all potential traitors. In more recent political times Ian Paisley has popularised the term Lundy to defame all those who are deemed guilty of a `sell out`. But who was the real Lundy and does his name carry the same potency today when compromise is a key component of the new political landscape? Roy Garland embarks on a personal journey to discover the reality behind the myth.

Presented by Roy Garland.

Interviewees include: Gregory Campbell, MLA, DUP councillor and Apprentice Boy
Dr. Chris McGimpsey, UUP councillor and Apprentice Boy
Alistair Simpson, Governor, Apprentice Boys of Derry
Dr. Clifford Smyth, Orange Historian
Richard Doherty, Military Historian
Dr. Duncan Morrow, Lecturer in Politics, University of Ulster
Dr. Dominic Bryan, Lecturer, Institute of Irish Studies at QUB
Rev. Ken Newell
May Blood, Shankill Community Worker
Ivan Cooper, Founder Member SDLP
Donncha Mac Niallais and Robin Percival, Bogside Residents' Association Representatives

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