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Featured Productions

The Return of Colmcille

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60min documentary giving you the inside story of the midsummer highlight of the City of Culture 2013 year when writer Frank Cottrell Boyce stages an epic confrontation between the Loch Ness monster and Colmcille. Click here for more information

The Far Side of Revenge

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Teya Sepinuck is the bomb disposal expert of troubled spirits. Her hybrid form of drama puts marginalised people at the core of a new type of theatre performance in which they perform their own, often shocking, stories to the public. Click here for more information

The Legenderrys

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A 3 x 30' documentary series on the Derry/Londonderry boat in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race through the eyes of three unemployed Derry City Council Bursary winners. Click here for more information